Thursday, 5 April 2012

Oh So Turquoise

Hello dear readers (whoever you may be),

I apologise for my significant absence, uni life has been crazy! Assignments, tests, assignments, tests, assignments etc etc etc. It is never ending! ANYWAY.

So I have recently developed an addiction to turquoise. I think this may have come to me when I painted my nails emerald greeny/turquoisey for St Patrick's Day a few weeks back, but needless to say, I am OBSESSED. Whilst finances (and my boyfriend) have not permitted the purchase of anything turquoise, who ever said a girl can't dream. So here is a small collection of my turquoise favourites care of Pinterest. I hope you enjoy my turquoise fantasy.

This first one is the coolest thing ever done with glow sticks (in my professional opinion). They got some mason jars, chopped the end off an unsnapped glow stick, poured the contents (fluid, glass and all) into the jar, whacked the lid back on and shook the lights (literally) out of it. Ta DA! Pretty lights displays. I really want to try it.

Glowing jar project

Mint-White Chocolate Mousse Cake

tiffany blue heart studs

You can't go wrong with turquoise!

turquoise couch

  (note to anyone who truly loves me - please buy me these little boxes. will love you forever. see post here for obsession in regards to wonderfully different little trinket boxes)

Navy and Turquoise

turquoise bathroom

gorgeous aquamarine miu miu handbag

Finally, the amazing singer that she is...(although Blake still can't quite understand how you can "set fire to the rain". He lacks romantic metaphorical knowledge).

#thinkcolorfully adele

That is all. Bed is calling. YAY for week off uni. Will post more ASAP.

P.S I apologise for the crappiness of my links. I will sort it out tomorrow. Sleep calls.


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