Tuesday, 27 March 2012

health food section

I have recently rediscovered my addiction for VEGE chips. I feel that my love for them is justified as a healthy addiction as the location for these delicious delights in the supermarket is the health food section. I have a sense of respect for any food from the health food section as I believe some product researcher has labelled that product as healthy enough to justify its placement in said section. This therefore removes any guilt I may have from consuming said foods from the health food section.

I write this post as I enter the final chip count in my packet. It has been a wonderful guilt-free journey and I look forward to many in the future.


  1. Hi Lindsay! I just found your blog. Your photos are beautiful! And your doggy is just the cutest EVER.

  2. Hi Natasha,
    Thank you for the lovely compliments :)
    I have just stalked your blog. Your photos are simply stunning! And your love story is so sweet!
    Lindsay x