Saturday, 14 April 2012

Orange Coloured Sky

Orange is one of those colours that no matter what context it is presented in, it always makes an impact. Be it as a warning sign or simple as a pop of colour in a room. Here is a collection of a few of my favourite uses of the colour.

I love this chest of drawers from Coco Cozy. It is just so fun and punchy. And the mirror - AMAZING.


Little orange elephant as seen on Apartment Therapy. He is just so cute and happy. There is nothing sweeter than a little elephant with his trunk up (good luck symbol).

orange eLephant

Aren't these flowers just beautiful? Known as Lady Emma Hamilton, these roses are from David Austin. I believe, there shape is simply incredible. They actually look fake there are so perfect.

orange in orange

I know that I am incredibly 'behind the times', but I have recently fallen in love with coloured jeans. Aside from the fact they look far more fun than just blue or black, they all seem to be incredibly comfortable (I think it is the added elastine in them). These orange ones are no exception.

orange orange

 Beautiful eye make-up from Keiko Lynn. This website has beautiful tutorials for make-up.

orange so orange =)

These are the pops of orange the make a room. They add a sort of retro funkyness (whether or not funkyness is a word is a matter for the Oxford Dictionary, however, I will continue to use it). Design Attractor, the source of these images seem to love finding interiors with pops of orange in them.


And finally, this painting that is so beautiful. I want it. Think it may be added to my 'To Paint' list. I cannot find the original source of it however, have tagged it to Pinterest. Perfectly describes the title of the song "Orange Coloured Sky" by Nat King Cole.

Orange Sunset, Red Tree

My mummy dearest just sent me this photo from a recent camping trip she and dad went on. The tranquility of the place is incredible!

Note: Where possible I have tried to find original source. In all other instances, I have obtained earliest possible source.

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