Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Photoshop who?

I have fallen in love with a new (for me - it may have already been pretty common knowledge, but I am always 'behind the times') discovery. So, I jumped on the computer this morning, headed over to bloglovin.com to see what blogs had come through (yes my life is pathetic and sad) and up popped one from a favourite blog of mine Living in Yellow. I was reading through the blog post on "making photos pretty (without photoshop)" and then SHAZAM! I was introduced to this little puppy...

And on there, you can do the most incredible things! As I said, I am often slow to catch on to things, however, I am so excited that I have to share.

 Everything is super easy. You just click a button and it whitens you teeth. Click another button, BOOM, fake tan. Click another button and your photo is transformed into a Polaroid. It is this easy. I did a little transforming of a photo this morning in my excitement, and feel it rivals anything I could have done on Photoshop (which would have taken me hours instead of minutes).

                          Before                                                                    After

So I say au revoir to Photoshop and hello to photo editing simpleness with no layers and frustration. I will leave Photoshop to the experts!

 Have a lovely day all


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  1. Im super excited to get home and try this!! Looks awesome! Cute photo!