Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mon Amour Monday | Beautiful Things

So as I attempt to get my Pinterest to login in, I am left wondering why it is that I actually spend so much time doing things that seem highly unproductive. In my defense, I have given up Facebook for a week (a bet with lover friend who feels that 'younger generations' aka. his girlfriend who is six years younger than him) have an inability to survive without social media.  So far I am proving him wrong! Anyway, back to my unproductiveness. As I was saying, I seem to spend a large amount of time being incredibly unproductive, waiting for pages to load on my computer, reading blogs and trawling through Pinterest for the 100th time, however, in reflection, I have realised that this time is actually highly productive. My reasons are as follows:

1. I no longer buy lifestyle/home/beauty/fashion magazines. That in its self is productive savings!

2. I have a log of all the things that I have fallen in love with/needed desperately/longed to have but know deep down will never have. Again, this log is in itself reference perfection (Chicago referencing eat my shorts - I got a blog now.

3. I always look super dooper busy on my computer. This makes me feel important (I even have learnt to use Microsoft Outlook) and as such, I feel productive.

4. My dear mumsy gets to know what is happening in my life in actual detail/with photos attached. This occurs in neither the Facebook posts, emails or almost daily conversations I have with her (yes, I call my mum almost everyday. What can I say, despite spending 17 years growing up thinking my parents were the most embarrassing, cruel human beings to walk planet Earth, the day I moved away from home to study, my opinion completely changed).

5. It makes me happy. Full stop. The end.

So in honour of my happiness for my 'productiveness' and in avoidance of attempting to go to sleep here are some beautiful things to start a beautiful (and crazy) week.

beautiful things

Pretty things

audrey hepburn

Paper Flower Arrangement

pearl ring

All links/sources can be found by selecting image.

My eyes are about to fall out of my head. Sleep time now.

Night all xx

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