Sunday, 4 March 2012

Super Dooper Cute Tea Cosy

I have been wanting to make tea cosy's for quite some time now. There is something about them that is so warm and comfortable looking. Kind of like a favourite scarf. And of course I do love tea in a tea pot, no thanks to my fathers obsessant  need for "proper tea" from a teapot or my love of making a cup of tea in a teapot for when I study (basically I do the tea, sugar and milk all together). But I will not continue with my reasoning for the need of a tea cosy (aside from it's obvious feature of keeping your tea warm) as I fear it may continue into my love of tea cups and why they are still a necessity as this is a whole other blog post.

 I have recently started making an embroided/patchwork owl tea cosy which so far is looking super cute and coming together nicely. A friend of mine linked me to the website Patons which is home a wide range of patterns for both cross stitch and knitting (cross stitch I have never, and the pessimist inside of me believes will never, grasp the understand/technique of). I found this tea cosy pattern and not only do I love the mono-chrome black and white colours (obviously you don't have to do these colours) but it looks relatively simple to make (my knitting is limited at scarves - one continuous lot of knitting. Nothing fancy as my brain cannot comprehend it).

So, I just thought I would share it with you all because I do like it ever so much. On a blogging note, go check out my friend Ruth's new blog Join me, RuthieShe, unlike can crochet however, we do share a love for crafts, Etsy and FINE coffee and food. She has just kicked off Cafe March in which she basically goes to a few new cafes every week in March (it is a part of her New Years resolution which you can read all about over on her blog (last month she was a vegan). Super lovely read and looking forward to watching her blog GROW.

On the home front, life has been super busy. Spent Friday at the Hyatt with Blake for a bit of a stay-cation. We ate WAY to much food. Was lovely. Yesterday we went to the Ideal Home Show for a bit of a peruse to see what is new in the home building industry and have taken a liking to the idea of building a Passive Solar Home (read about that here). Last night we went/helped out at a friend's charity trivia night for the Suicide Prevention Council of Australia which was hugely successful. Today I am recovering (we got home at around 2am - FYI I am a total nanna and find being in bed passed midnight as a HUGE night regardless of whether I was studying, at a charity night or actually out in the city).

So, that is about all for today. Nothing too interesting. Just a catch up for the week.

P.S Last week was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week. Jump across here to the Ovarian Cancer website to learn about all the important work that the Ovarian Cancer Australia group do and how you can support them. March 15-17 is World's Greatest Shave is on and friend Emma Kitching is going to be SHAVING her long locks off! (girl is BRAVE) so PLEASE head over to her sponsor page and drop in a little bit of molla. Every little bit counts (even $5) and it all goes to vital cancer research and support (we all know the benefits that these charities especially when someone we know has been affected by cancer).

Okay that is all now I promise. Until next time xxx

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