Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The world according to Marley

I am Marley. I am two and a half in people years. I provide love and affection and don't like being left alone.


Anything that you are eating. And I am mean ANYTHING. I will ask for, but not eat, the following: chocolate, lettuce, toast (except vegemite toast), grapes, tomato and potato. I have a partial liking for cheese and icecream.

Snoozing on the big people's chair. In front of the tv. Preferably with Dr. Phil or the sorts on. Actually, just sleeping in general. I don't however, like  the Kardashian's and will relocate my sleeping location if they come on.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Morning Tea. Afternoon Tea. Elevensies. High Tea. Midnight snacks. Whatever time it is, it is an appropriate time to need food. Basically I LOVE food.

The park next door to my house. If you open the front door, or even slightly head in the direction of the front door, that signifies I have a free right to go to the park. With or without your permission. I also like walks. Especially ones without a lead.

Kisses!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving kisses. Whether you want some or not, I will give you kisses. I have gotten the art of camando sneaky kisses down to a T and will not fail in my mission to give you kisses. My favourites are ones to your nose and when your mouth is open.


Being relocated because you want my sleeping spot for sitting/sleeping. Yes your bed is the most appropriate place for me to rest and yes I believe that you should sit on the other couch because I was here first.

The magpies at the park. They swoop me. They are mean.

You making me think I am going somewhere exciting when really you are just trying to get me in a) the car or b) the house.

The sun that seems to follow me when I am sitting in the car when we go on drives. I can't escape it. It is hot and disrupts my sleep.

My adoptive dad finding it amusing to pull a sock over my face while he gets ready for work. How would you like it if I put a sock over your face?

That is all. Snooze time.


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