Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mon Amour Monday | On a Sunday

This past week has been stupidly busy. I don't like stupidly busy days. I prefer to feel as though my body isn't being pulled in different directions by all the things I need to do. So, sleep kinda took priority (sleep is generally my #1 priority regardless) and Mon Amour Monday had to wait a week. This weeks Mon Amour has taken on a sort of "up-cycle" theme. So here it is.

Coming in at number one// This lighting installation at a Taco place at the boat harbour near my house. It looks a hundred times better in real life and talk about up-cycling! I also ate a giant piece of chocolate cake (appropriately named the "Big Fat Chocolate Cake") and my friend Jon got the berry cheesecake.

Number Two// Bringing life back to old thrifted earrings. For the tutorial click here. (Please excuse the elephant skin appearance of my poorly moisturised hands - I am lazy).

Number Three// Feeling absolutely inspired and creative in my new little desk space after I gave it a mini makeover last weekend. It kind of was looking a bit like a storage facility that I was attempting to work in (Blake had previously used it as a dumping ground for parts for his Simulator and had sorta not moved anything even though I had to study at the desk). It now looks beautiful, clean and most importantly Simulator parts free. I LOVE it!

Number Four// Girls nights in and chocolate brownies and mexican food and wine and everything amazing. Spice girls also somehow made it there and a lot of planning happened for an upcoming July girls trip. Yay! (And yes, lollies in martini glasses are essential!)

Number Five// This photo. I just want to smush her! 


This post about all the pretty flowers featuring in current interiors. So jealous of the northern hemisphere as they head into Spring.

These GOURMET chocolate chip cookies. They are simply made better through the use of the word 'Artisian'. I think I will have to make them sometime this week - will keep you posted.

Super cute Easter DIY's. I love Easter holidays. They always have perfect weather and I love getting my craft on over the extended public holidays. And of course, the reason behind Easter. It is just a beautiful time of year.

My super amazing green glitter St Patrick's Day Shoes! Check out the tutorial over here and see the rest of my costume.

And finally this post over at Cafe Cartolina. Don't you just love the little yellow teapots?

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