Monday, 5 March 2012

Mon Amour Monday

I have decided that in order to give the week a lovely start, Monday will forever be known as Mon Amour Monday Loves day for the following reason.

Monday has the word 'mon' which is French for 'my'. So that means that Monday really is "my" day. The idea of having a day dedicated totally to oneself is both slightly exciting and significantly obnoxious. Thus, I decided to have a bit of a further thing and figured that 'mon' does make up one of my favourite sayings "mon amour" which is also obviously French meaning "my love" or "my sweetheart". So without further ado, I present to you "Mon Amour Monday" aka My Loves Monday.

One// These super cute vintage floral tags from over at Packagery. I have printed them off onto white textured cardstock and they look oh so sweet! (Photo is from Packagery as I have not used them yet)

Two// Pineapple flowers on a Hummingbird cake from over at FoodComaNot only do they look super dooper sweet, but they are easy as pie to make.

Three// This pin that is oh so true. Oh how the simple things make us happy.

Four// This is probably my favourite quote from one of my favourite movies. It is so simple yet it is so powerful. Gosh I do love Abileen and The Help.

Five// My best friend with four legs. She is precious, sweet and most of the time human (until she eats, then she turns into the cookie monster)

Finally, last loves for the day.

Message from friend to go meet her potential new husband (love seeing my friends happy)

Despite it being a public holiday today that us university students don't get off, I am excited to go to class with no traffic, stupid amounts of parking and feeling like I still achieved something while the rest of the state has the day off.

Old frames made new again with a coat of white spray paint. My desk now looks AMAZING.

The clear blue sky outside and the sea breeze signifying that the best of summer is here (despite it being the beginning of Autumn).

That is all for today. Have a lovely Monday and enjoy the fabulous start to a wonderful week.


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