Saturday, 24 March 2012

Williams Street Market

Sunday, in avoidance of doing any uni work what so ever, I ventured out into the big wide expansive world and caught up with some lovelies for lunch and then discovered the William Street Market in Northbridge. Now it may not be the Notting Hill Markets, but it was still lovely to see Perth getting a bit dolled up and becoming a bit more cultured. Here is how my day went down.

First I had an iced chocolate at a lovely cafe called Cantina 663 (go there, it is amazing). I also ate what was named a "corned beef sandwich". I would refer to it as a deluxe, gourmet, plate of deliciousness.

 After that, I caught the train for the first time in a hundred years into the city with Alyssa from SewFemme and Ruth from Join me, Ruthie. We then ventured into Northbridge and found the William St Markets.

(P.S at this point, I should let you know that a bobby pin just fell out of my hair and onto my neck - i practically died of fright! Just needed to share. Sorry. Continuing).

Perth brought out its BEST weather for the day. This is looking across the intersection so it looks quite empty - was super busy though!!!

Alyssa got excited when she found this scarf at Vintage Dori. She promptly bought it.

It got hot so we bought snow cones. I had a green one.

Then we found the most amazing little shop. Hiding away. Upstairs. With only a little sign to show you the way (and a whole lot of clothes hanging out the window) Oh Henry! Vintage.

The shop was AMAZING. Cutest little place ever. And best kept secret (secrets will be exposed in May)

We all found dresses that we adored! Doesn't Alyssa look like a 50s housewife! She even had the pearls on and hair styled appropriately.

And on the way home, back to the train, Ruth found this precious suitcase at We Heart Vintage Perth. She is not quite sure what it is going to be used for yet.

All in all it was a lovely outing. I was super proud of my restraint I showed myself. I ended up leaving with a compact and doiley from the Retro Vinnies and we all left with our beautiful dresses from Oh Henry! Vintage.

Definitely worth checking out the markets next time they are in town. Apparently the William Street Market happens once every few months.

Anyway, enough procrastinating for me. I am off to find some cake with my little brother.

Night all xxx

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