Thursday, 31 May 2012

A day of study

Today was my third day of proper studying - my brain did die three hours in. So in order to avoid complete brain explosion, Marley and I went to the park. It looked a little bit like this.

I was also recently introduced to a website called 8tracks. This site is essentially a students music heaven! Well it could be anyone's heaven, however, the music is free to stream, thus, poor students heaven.

May two current favourite playlists these two.

[8tracks width="200" height="322" playops="" url=""] [8tracks width="200" height="322" playops="" url=""]

Both of them are super cheesy but I love them. I have been studying amazing well whilst listening to the music. I think it has helped that there are a lot of instrumental cover pieces rather than instrumental and voice - when someone is singing it makes me want to sing.

I apologise for the random changes that are happening to my blog. As a reward for studying today, I am giving it a bit of a reshuffle.

Hope you enjoy my playlists and have a lovely rest of the day!


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