Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Absolute absence.

Sorry for my serious lack of presence on line these past couple of weeks - study has kind of taken over my life. Seriously. I am eating sausage rolls for breakfast and consuming protein shakes and Red Bull as though I have a product endorsement from them. For dinner tonight, I had a ham sandwich and a a carrot stick. Totally normal right?

Photo above is from my afternoon trek to uni yesterday. I went there at about 3pm after watching three movie's. My brain went on holiday for the morning, needless to say I deserved it. Sun streaming through the buildings, clouds and trees made me think about how much I have actually grown to love this campus despite my acute avoidance of it whenever possible. 

One exam down today. Quietly confident about my performance. That is a rarity. Next one is tomorrow and again I am allowing my brain a tiny break this evening. 

Alright, best get back to it. Just thought I would say hi. 

Night xx


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