Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bikram yoga.

Picture this.

Wednesday evening last week. 14 degrees Celsius outside. Shorts and a singlet. One hour. One 40 degree celsius room.

This is Bikram Yoga. I experienced my first class after my over-enthusiastic mind (who I am not talking to any more) convinced me that it would be a good idea. I was at the tail end of my icky flu and I must admit that the class kicked that flu to a place of no return, however the process was torture!

I started out looking relatively normal and finished looking like this

(That is my lovely friend Ruth who invited me along - she looked like a pro doing it)

Granted, I am still smiling but inside I am still melting. The ads for the class make it look like this, which I could deal with

(this is not an actual picture from the website, just what I imagined it would be like)

However, after the first five minutes and realising that the most appropriate position to be in during the standing poses was sitting, I began to resemble a poster that illustrated the warning signs of heat stroke.

Realistically, the class looks more like this

All in all, I think I will attempt another class. I think my biggest problem was in my effort to drink 3 litres of water before attempting the class, I forgot to eat. Big mistake. So next time, lots of food and water during the day.

Next attempt is on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

For people who live in Perth, I did the class at Bikram Yoga Joondalup where they have a 10 day unlimited pass of $20.

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