Sunday, 24 June 2012

Possum Magic

I have been hiding for the past couple of weeks due to an overload of exams and a pure "I cannot be bothered" attitude. But, nonetheless, I am back. And in the tropical location of Northern Queensland's Mackay. Compared to the current 2 degree Celsius that is gracing Perth presently, the 23 plus degrees here allows me to spend my days wearing shorts and t-shirts. Marley is here with me and she thoroughly enjoyed the sights on the drive home from the airport.

So what have I been up to during this past week spent in Mackay? Absolutely nothing - although clever me did decide to start a 1000 (yes one THOUSAND) piece puzzle despite my lack of puzzle building since about the age of 9. I am about half way through and although completely frustrated at the artist's need to use the same, featureless green throughout about half of the image, I am determined to finish.

Blake arrived here yesterday for a very well deserved break. On a trip down to Coles to get some 'necessities' (wine and Subway) we spotted the RSPCA fundraising to support local wildlife. And we met these little guys - two brush-tail possums. Some people refer to them as pests, I like to think that they are possible the cutest little things alive. Anyone else agree?

That seems to be all that is happening at the moment. I am curren!tly in love with these possums and feel that I need one. Just because.

Tomorrow we are off to see the SuperBoats in Mackay harbor. Essentially they are Formula One cars on the water. Talk about fast! Tonight is a family dinner for my little brother's birthday - he is 20! Cannot believe it.

Off to help Blake do some study. Exciting adventures ahead.


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