Sunday, 17 June 2012

on the road again

Talk about knackered! I'm sitting in Brisbane airport waiting for my connection to Mackay and dreading the day I decide I want children - one sleepless night and I am finished. Like completely, want to fall asleep with my face in my muffin tired. But I am excited! Excited to see the olds and just have a break.
Karma worked in a mysterious way this morning (1am this morning to be exact). Plane was full to the brim. But not one person seemed to sit down next to me as the passengers boarded. I automatically assumed the worst, that I would have the worst passenger next to me - the one who steals the arm rest, insists on stretching every minute, makes various bodily noises etc. But no, next minute I see they are pulling the stairs away and locking up the doors. I scored the only two empty seats on the plane next to me boo ya!
So I curled up and had two hours of glorious, crappy sleep - instead of known.
Must make sure to keep the good karma going and do something nice for someone today (after a nap of course).

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