Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dreamy little window

I am back and in full action! I have been on two holidays and will update you all on them a little later. I am a terrible blogger and really need to work on this. I have been hanging out in "summer" for the past month and this return to winter has shocked my body. I cannot wait for the warmer weather (despite my body's total aversion to the sun and the heat).

So while I am stuck inside, praying for the warmer weather, I have decided to get my 'stuff' organised. This is partly because I visited a fortune teller the other day and he told me my bed was on the wrong wall and as such, the movement of my bed has completely messed with the bedroom layout and partly because I feel like a good throw out. I am a self confessed 'collector' (although my boyfriend's mum occasionally calls it 'hoarding' - I personally don't think I am bad enough to end up on the show) and feel like a good cleanse is necessary. After spending the day in bed today (month in summer and then sudden return to winter as resulted in the flu) I have decided that I will start the re-organisation with the window ledge.

Strange place to start I know but I am cool with that. I have always had an affinity with windows and dream of one day owning a house that has a massive bay window with a bench seat. It seems like the perfect place to drink tea and read gossip magazines. Sheer perfection.

So now, I will celebrate my love for windows with a collection of inspirations to give me something to dream about for this re-organisation process. Bye xx

Window Sill Herbs...

Kitchen dreamyness and the perfect combination with tea tins

Window sill.

Prettiest little window garden

window sill reading

I would allow this as a replacement to the bay window

Window Sill

So beautiful and simple, it makes me want to travel


books and window

Love love love love love

Vintage Books in window

I think that it will be a few books and trinkets on my window ledge


  1. LOL what the hell kind of fortune teller did u go to? Is that even a fortune! I think you got jipped! But theres nothing quite like a good clean out :P

  2. Haha he told us all sorts of stuff including that our headboard needed to be on either a south or eastern wall in our room to bring us the best luck. xx