Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Righto. So I realised something incredibly pathetic tonight whilst over at my friend Sarah's place. I am the world's biggest wimp. I challenge everyone out there to find someone who is worse than me. It is more to do with when watching television, and not so much so in reality. Although there is one area I refuse to delve into because of utter terror however, I will discuss this a little further in this post. 

So I thought, I would reflect on all the things that I find scary. Mainly, because I think you will all find it rather amusing. I am pretty sure Sarah's boyfriend found it more than a little amusing (the movie's I am scared of watching thing). Here goes...

Things that scare me (mainly movies). 

1. Harry Potter films. Mainly the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Particularly this scene.

2. Driving in my car at night on my own. I think this stems from living in South Africa. Slight paranoia maybe?

3. Washing my hair in the shower when I am in the house on my own. I think this has something to do with the soap in eyes (so eyes closed) and sound of water (can't hear) thing. And possibly the naked and trapped thing should anyone come in. Alfred Hitchcock 'Psycho style. 

4. Any movie that contains any of the following character types: serial killers, snakes, dinosaurs, aliens, predators, unknown creatures, ghosts, demons, kids who see dead people, crazy teenagers, dead people (although I find zombies entertaining), serial killers, people in jail, people trying to break out of jail, deranged psychopaths, war villains (think Hitler), weird old undead men trying to reclaim their soul by killing others, people lost on an island, basically anyone who makes up the plot of a slightly scary (not to mention 'thriller') movie.  

5. The Jackass show. I don't think I fear it but it grosses and creeps me out. Although, in saying this, I can handle a decapitated limb in real life any day. Will happily stitch someone back together but don't make me watch it on TV. 

6. Having to get up from a bed that has space underneath. As in a bed on a bed frame as opposed to an ensemble. Still convinced there is something under there (perhaps the to Tokoloshe man is still going to come and get me)

7. Leaving my phone anywhere. I think this is just my need for technology. 

8. Not knowing where the exit is. Particularly in unfamiliar places. 

9. Haunted places. If it involves the Fremantle Prison night tour it is for two reasons. Firstly the apparent ghosts, secondly the not knowing where the exit is and thirdly (see number 10). I actually get nervous watching the 1 minute and 11 second video of the prison.

10. The dark. Yes, I am still, at 22 years of age, afraid of the dark. Not so much when at home (although I still get flutters if I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and it is totally dark) but mainly in unfamiliar places. Don't deal well with the dark. 

There you have it. I am a total sook. Please don't hold it against me. 

What are you scared of?

Lindsay xx


  1. That video is creepy!!! I don't know if its the lady or the prison -maybe it is the combination! And, with all those things you are scared of in regards to movies, sure limits what you watch, huh?! Lol I like scary movies and shows, but I am a total wimp and jump while watching them! And, it's okay I am nearly 26 and get freaked out by the dark while in unfamiliar places also! Lets never get lost at night okay?! That would be one hot mess.

    1. I think it is a bit of both. And I am pretty sure she was the lady who was running my tour when I went there in high school. I left the tour half way through following a panic attack - LOLS!!. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Harry Potter films (I actually want to own a time turner - saw them on eBay) but they are about the limit of my scary movies. So jealous you enjoy scary's. xx

  2. I am a wimp when it comes to movies too! And I think the driving at night is completely understandable (I didn't know you were from South Africa!). Thanks for your kind words - good luck in my giveaway!

    1. Oh I am so glad I am not alone!!! I was born there and moved to Australia in 2000 so was old enough to have developed my mums anxious behaviours :P. You are most welcome xx