Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Shower goddess


I have recently discovered that this is exactly what I do not look like whilst having a shower (despite my prior thoughts I feeling like a shower goddess in a Garnier commercial). I have concluded that when I am engaging in the 'full treatment' (aka hair wash, shave legs and scrub shower) I am in my most unattractive state EVER.

Not only is my hair in some weird scraped up heap on top of my head with some strange coloured hair treatment in it and my legs are covered in my boyfriends shaving cream while I attempt to use my razor that it is so blunt it may as well be considered 'child-proof', I also have a set of teeth whitening trays in my mouth which allows a subsequent drool to appear. Following the shaving of my legs, I then conclude the whole routine in the most awful, unholy of positions as I attempt to scrub the corners of the shower at the floor.

The only plus of this whole 'look' (dear I say) is that should any creepy predator attempt to sexually assault me whilst I am in the shower, my unattractiveness at that very moment should send them running away.

What is your most unattractive moment of the day?

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